Helping you pass your certification exams with ease and confidence.

At K&K Consulting, we are highly committed to helping candidates pass the National and State NHA Exams with ease and confidence. To help candidates better prepare, we offer several programs, such as CEU and nursing home administrator in Houston, Texas that can provide them with the right knowledge and skills that can help them as they take the exams.

Our programs include:

Other Programs

We also offer the following CEUs that have been reviewed and approved by the National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS):

  1. Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Bootcamp 1, 7 CEUs
  2. Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Bootcamp 2, 7 CEUs
  3. Ethics in Long-Term Health Care Seminar, 6.75 Ethics CEUs – In Person OR Live Webinar
  4. Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
  5. Leadership and Human Capital Management Seminar, 8 CEUs, includes 3 hours in Personnel Management, 2 hours in Ethics, 1 hour in Risk Management, and 1 hour in Employee Engagement/Retention Management (In Person OR Live Webinar)
  6. Long-Term Health Care Survey Process, 7 CEUs (In Person only)
  7. Ethics-Abuse & Neglect in Long-Term Health Care, 4 CEUs (In Person OR Live Webinar)
  8. Assisted Living Facility Standards, 9 CEUs (Live Webinar)
  9. PDPM Reimbursement System, 3 CEUs (Live Webinar)
  10. Assisted Living Facility Management Bootcamp, 7 CEUs (Live Webinar)
  11. Resident Care Management, 6 CEUs, In-Person
  12. Organization Management, 6 CEUs, In-Person
  13. Personnel Management, 6 CEUs, In-Person
  14. CALFA-MCA®, ALF Manager – Memory Care
  15. AIT: National and/or State of Texas NHA Exam Prep Seminar (Live Webinar-Anywhere in the USA)
  16. NAB/NCERS & TX Board of Social Worker Examiners Approved CEUs
  17. CALFA-MCA® Renewal™
  18. Registration
  19. Success Rate
  20. Resident Care Mgmt, Personnel Mgmt, Organization Mgmt, LTHC Survey Process


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