Learn more about how you can achieve a CALFA-MCA® Certification.
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Topics taught within this certification:

  1. Accounting, Budgets, Budget Control, Financial Management
  2. Management and Supervision
  3. Human Resources/Payroll Administration
  4. Assisted Living Facility Regulations
  5. Resident Care Practices
  6. Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care

Requirements for TX Assisted Living Manager:

  1. In Small facilities: Must have proof of graduation from an accredited high school certification or equivalency of graduation.
  2. In Large facilities: Must have proof of accredited high school certification or equivalency of graduation AND one year of experience working in management or in health care industry management; An Associate’s degree in Nursing, Health Care Management, or a related field; OR a Bachelor’s degree
  3. 8 hours of training on Texas Assisted Living Facility Standards, within 3 months of hire
  4. A total of 24 hours of training, in subjects per regulation, within the first year as an Assisted Living ManagerRequirements for CALFA-MCA®: #1 or 2 and 3-4 listed above plus the following:
  5. Completion of K&K Consulting Assisted Living Facility Manager Course (28 hours)
  6. Successfully pass the CALFA-MCA® pass examination with a score of at least 75%, 150 questions-must score at least 113.

RENEWAL of CALFA-MCA®; Certification

  1. Renewal must occur every two years. Cost is $50.
  2. Renewal must include 12 CEUs on health-related topics (can be a combination of topics) such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care, Abuse & Neglect, Falls, Assisted Living Management, Healthcare Financial Management, Disaster Preparedness, Human Resources Management, Ethics, CPR, Basic Emergency and First Aid, Accounting and Budgeting, Resident Rights, HIPAA, or other health-related topics.

Certified Assisted Living Facility Administrator – Memory Care Administrator (CALFA-MCA®):

  1. Assisted Living Management Bootcamp Seminar (7 CEUs with 1 CEU in Ethics) – Live Webinar
  2. Assisted Living Facility Standards (8 CEUs) – Attend Live Webinar
  3. Leadership & Human Capital Management (7 CEUs with 2 CEUs in Ethics) – Attend Live Webinar
  4. Ethics-Abuse & Neglect in Long-Term Health Care (4 Ethics CEUs) – Attend Live Webinar

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Upon completion of the seminar, you will be allowed to take K&K Consulting’s Certified Assisted Living Facility Administrator-Memory Care Administrator (CALFA-MCA) examination. You must score at least a 75% to pass K&K Consulting’s CALFA-MCA examination. If you are applying for a specific State certification as an Assisted Living Facility Administrator, please ensure you check with the respective State regulatory body for State specific requirements. K&K Consulting can not and does not determine the requirements for State certification, and K&K Consulting can not guarantee a person that s/he will become certified by any State regulatory body. Applicants should always check State specific requirements for qualifications.

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