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Successful testing starts with proper preparation. At K&K Consulting, we have different program options that can help you better prepare for the National and State NHA Exams.

We encourage you to learn more about each program by visiting their respective pages. Simply click on the program that you are interested in to be redirected.

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Nursing Home Administrator

K&K Consulting is a national organization that provides seminars to prepare AITs for the NAB NHA LOS, CORE, and State exams, CEUs, and consulting services in the field of Assisted Living; Health-Related Assisted Living Facility Administration Services; Implementation of Healthcare Services in the field of Assisted Living; Consultation services in the field of Assisted Living Facility Administration and Nursing Home Administration, which includes Budgeting, Human Resources Management, Census Development, Financial Operations, Patient Satisfaction, and Regulatory Compliance Operations. K&K Consulting has helped over 400 candidates throughout the United States to successfully pass the NAB NHA exams since 2010, with a 99% pass rate on the first attempt.  Please contact Dr. Charles Vallier at or (409) 939-1030 for consultation services. You can also select the Set an Appointment tab to complete a form requesting consulting services for Assisted Living Facility Administration and Nursing Facility Administration.

K&K Consulting is a national organization that offers approved CEUs for LNFAs, SWs, ALF Administrators, and nursing home administrator. Additionally, the company provides National (Federal LOS + CORE) and State of Texas Nursing Home Administrator exam prep/review seminars. We also offer the CALFA-MCA® certification (Certified Assisted Living Facility Administrator-Memory Care Administrator).  To register and make payment for CEUs or CALFA-MCA®, scroll up to the left of your screen and click the VIEW MORE PROGRAMS button. Upon completion of the seminar, you will be allowed to take K&K Consulting’s Certified Assisted Living Facility Administrator-Memory Care Administrator (CALFA-MCA) examination. You must score at least a 75% to pass K&K Consulting’s CALFA-MCA examination. If you are applying for a specific State certification as an Assisted Living Facility Administrator, please ensure you check with the respective State regulatory body for State specific requirements. K&K Consulting can not and does not determine the requirements for State certification, and K&K Consulting can not guarantee a person that s/he will become certified by any State regulatory body. Applicants should always check State specific requirements for qualifications.

K&K Consulting National (LOS + CORE) Exam Prep in-person seminars or Live Webinars are located throughout the United States.  Please see the page titled Upcoming Events (CEUs) and Exam Prep Seminar for other National NHA Exam Prep Seminar locations. Click the Upcoming Events (CEUs) & Exam Prep button at the top right of this page for more information.

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K&K Consulting has been in operations since 2010. The mission of K&K Consulting is to provide quality and meaningful seminars to healthcare providers, healthcare workers, and those interested in becoming healthcare workers nationwide at a reasonable cost.

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