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Learning Hacks: How to Remember Training Lessons

Learning Hacks: How to Remember Training Lessons

No matter which industry you belong to, there should be openness for further learning and training. When we recognize that there is always room to grow, it means that we are always gearing up for consistent effectiveness in our profession.

In the healthcare industry, there are also different types of training and certifications available starting from the nursing aides to administrative roles. If you’re interested in pursuing these types of training, we can help you attain quality learning in relevant healthcare practices such as becoming a nursing home administrator in Texas City, Texas.

However, you might hesitate to get additional training because of the additional lessons that you need to remember. Can your brain still handle new medical terminologies or remember the latest healthcare practices? To answer that, we’re sharing the following learning hacks so that you can make the most of your training lessons:

    This is the most basic and very foundational form of every learning. You will not learn if you will not study. It’s as simple as that. If you’re an administrator in training in Texas, allocate time to study for the lessons you’ve been taught. Studying involves reading, understanding, and associating with real-life situations all the lessons that you have learned from the trainer.
    In the healthcare industry, you will be introduced to different medical terms that are mostly difficult to pronounce and understand. If you find this confusing, it can help to understand the root words of these terms so you can remember them easier. Most of these root words are taken from Greek or Latin words. For instance, dermatitis is a combination of the Greek words “derma” (meaning, skin) and “itis” (meaning, inflammation). This means that dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin. So when you encounter other terms such as bronchitis or gastritis, you will remember that these conditions pertain to an inflammation of the organs they are referred to.
    Another learning hack you can use is to utilize flashcards which contain keywords of the lessons you’ve been learning. Keep these cards in an easy-to-reach part of your bag or room so that you can get a card every once in a while to test yourself. For instance, if you’re still stuck in traffic, you can get one card and read one item so that you can have a simple personal assessment.
    Every person has a learning style and it could be visual (you learn when you see or read things), auditory (you learn when you hear lessons discussed to you), and kinaesthetic (you learn when you practice the lesson). Know which style suits you best so you can better remember the lessons taught in the training.

If you’ve considered pursuing further healthcare training, consult with us at K&K Consulting. Aside from assisted living and nursing home administration training, we can provide you with helpful insights as to what other types of training are worth exploring in your industry.

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