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What Can You Do If You Didn’t Pass Your NHA Exam?

Do you feel discouraged? Don’t be. It’s okay. Even if you didn’t get it at the first try, you can still go through with it again. You just need to tame the stress from your shoulders and refocus your tactics. To help you pass the next time around, K&K Consulting has a couple of tips: … Continue reading

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How Ethics Makes You a Better Care Provider

The single, most important value that healthcare professionals need to abide by is ethics. These are values that should be ingrained into any healthcare provider organization’s culture because it helps make the entire workforce formidable at providing care. An agency that makes ethics the center of their services offers an environment that fosters not only … Continue reading

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Top 3 Important Aspects of Dementia Care Training

Taking care of dementia patients is nothing short of difficult; and doing so without training, or, at the very least, research, can make the experience even worse for both the provider and the patient. We understand that you would do anything for your loved ones, but caring for them while they’re going through a debilitating … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Care Training: Know the Warning Signs

As trusted consultants for nursing home administrators in Texas City, Texas, we provide consulting services to different fields in the healthcare industry. This consultation aims to equip your facility or agency to become the best providers of the care services that you have chosen. To attain this, we also provide administrator training so that those … Continue reading

Learning Hacks: How to Remember Training Lessons

No matter which industry you belong to, there should be openness for further learning and training. When we recognize that there is always room to grow, it means that we are always gearing up for consistent effectiveness in our profession. In the healthcare industry, there are also different types of training and certifications available starting … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Apply Learnings on Dementia Care Training

Providing dementia care requires not only compassion but also the right set of skills in order for quality care to be administered. If you’re managing an assisted living facility that takes charge of patients with dementia, then you know that empowering your staff will be to your facility’s best interests. At K&K Consulting, we help … Continue reading