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7 Tips to Apply Learnings on Dementia Care Training

7-tips-to-apply-learning-on-dementia-care-trainingProviding dementia care requires not only compassion but also the right set of skills in order for quality care to be administered. If you’re managing an assisted living facility that takes charge of patients with dementia, then you know that empowering your staff will be to your facility’s best interests.

At K&K Consulting, we help you provide excellent dementia care training as well as the following tips on how you can make the most of these training experiences.

  1. Encourage your staff team to identify their personal strengths, especially in administering the care service
    Our nursing home administrator in Texas City, Texas recommends that being confident of these strengths makes dementia care training more relevant and empowering. For instance, if they are excellent cooks, then they can take charge of ensuring that healthy meals are provided to the patients.
  2. Arrange for feedback time and evaluation after the training
    This feedback allows you and your staff team to recall the learning points in the training as well as being reinforced on how to apply the learned principles. If you can arrange for a buddy system to provide feedback to one another, this will be a practical step of getting immediate feedback.
  3. Always remember the reason why you’re having dementia care training
    Keeping this purpose in your heart and mind, and pronouncing this to your staff team, helps to maintain the intent of being able to develop in providing quality dementia care. At the end of the day, your facility will benefit more when your team is able to deliver exceptional dementia care.
  4. Provide sufficient follow-ups to the training activities
    One-time training will not be sufficient to ensure that your staff has truly acquired the optimum result. Our administrator in training in Texas even recommends that follow-up trainings should be consistent in order to strongly reinforce what the staff has previously learned.
  5. Carefully evaluate your team as to how they have applied the lessons
    You can personally talk to them and get their personal insights and recommendations regarding the training so that you will know which part they’re having difficulties in, and which part they are already excelling in. You can measure their answers with the quality of their dementia care services.
  6. Review the plans and goals you have set as to the direction of the dementia care training
    Since these goals have concrete results that you can measure with, you can get to see if the care practices displayed by your team reflects the lessons in the training. With this, you can see how effective the training is for your team.
  7. Establish a mindset that you and your staff team will apply and pursue the skills and programs you have gained from the training
    This way, you can be truly proactive in making the dementia care training realistic in your facility.

Does your team need dementia care training? Ask us how you can provide this to your staff.

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